Double Your Traffic & Sales From Pinterest in Less Than a Week

The Power of Pinning is an online training program for people who
  • run a product or service based business and get clients online
  • want to be getting results from Pinterest, but are short on time
  • want a clear and concise plan that will get you results.
If you want someone to break it down for you step-by-step, show how to get more clients, this is for you.
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Pinterest is the 4th largest traffic driver worldwide...
...and you're about to get a nice chunk of it

Over 7,000 members have boosted their sales and traffic
using The Power of Pinning course.

Source: Techcrunch

Use Pinterest the Smart Way, Start Increasing
Traffic to Your Site Right Away.

Are you having a hard time getting the right people to your site? Does your brand need more visibility and exposure? Would you like to sell more of your products and services?

I'm about to show you how you can:

quickly and easily make visual content that will sell your products and services.

Apply simple marketing strategies that will increase the amount of traffic that you receive from Pinterest.

expand your brands visibility and get more exposure by building a massive follower base of passionate fans.

Will Pinterest work for your business?

You may have heard a lot of hype about Pinterest, and are wondering if it could really work for you and your business. I was skeptical too, until I saw firsthand the transformation made possible by applying a few simple (yet surprising) strategies.

Most people are NOT using Pinterest to its full potential. They just don't know what to do.

Well imagine significantly increasing the traffic that you receive from Pinterest in less than a week, and having fun while you're doing it! Wouldn't it be great to have a clear and concise plan to follow so that it's not overwhelming and you confidently feel that you are doing it RIGHT?

Regardless of your industry, Pinterest is now too big to be ignored - it's now driving more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn COMBINED!

Plus traffic that comes from Pinterest has the highest revenue per click than any other social media site out there!

Take a look at the chart below which shows that the average order value from Pinterest is over twice the size as an order from Facebook:

Why Pinterest looks like the future of E-commerce

Source: Fast Company

Get results faster and better than everyone else

I can help you eliminate the frustration and overwhelm of social media.

Your customers are on Pinterest looking for you. Over 70% of people use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy, compared to just 17% of people use Facebook for the same thing! Source: Bizrate

The Wall Street Journal recently published that Pinterest users are nearly twice as likely to purchase than Facebook Users. Source: SteelHouse Survey

But the problem is that many people are using Pinterest incorrectly for their brands and it is actually hurting their businesses. They don't know what they are doing so they are spending a lot of time doing things that will not get them results.

Get some tactics right now from this video

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How I used Pinterest to
grow my own businesses

A little over a year ago I started a new business and was struggling to get a consistent and quality stream of customers to my websites. I had been trying everything, Facebook, SEO, pay-per-click ads - you name it. But it was costing a lot of money (that I didn't have) and it wasn't really working.

I started to get a trickle of traffic from Pinterest, way back in January of 2012, and seized the opportunity by applying my background in online marketing.

After spending months researching and testing various systems and strategies with my own brands I was able to identify what actually works on Pinterest. I developed a simple formula that helps you to optimize the content that you put online so that you can increase your traffic and sell more of your products and services online.

I personally use Pinterest to market both my product and service based businesses to get thousands of new visitors and thousands of dollars in sales each month. I've taught thousands of business owners how to excel on Pinterest and even consulted for some major brands.

The Power of Pinning Course:

Online training program to make Pinterest work for your business

The Power of Pinning course is a 100% online training program. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the members-only area with all of the training videos, bonuses and the workbook.

This course is for you if...

  • You are a product or service based business owner who is short on time, but want to be getting results from Pinterest.
  • You are overwhelmed by social media and want a clear and concise plan that will get you results.
  • You aren't particularly "tech savvy" and want someone to break it down for you step-by-step.

Here's what this product does for you...

How to Optimize Your Profile for Traffic & Sales

  • You will be provided with a quick start action guide to start getting you results fast.
  • Learn how to set-up and leverage an official business account on Pinterest.
  • Watch step-by-step video tutorials that will walk you through how to do everything that you need to do.

Strategies for Surpassing the Competition in Your Industry

  • How to get great results from Pinterest in less than an hour a week.
  • 3 secret SEO strategies to get you more sales.
  • A list of ideas for ways to utilize Pinterest that NO ONE else is using.

A Step-by-Step System for Successful Content Creation

  • Simple tutorials for creating great visual content.
  • Great time saving tips for pinning and fostering engagement.
  • How to protect yourself from legal and copyright issues.

An Inside Peak at the Brands Who Are Doing it Best

  • Understand exactly what you should be pinning.
  • How to get your pins repinned for viral exposure.
  • Learn how to easily leverage contests for massive visibility and sales.

How to Increase Your Visibility & Grow Your Brand

  • How to sell services on Pinterest.
  • The best way to tap in to millions of potential customers for free.
  • Strategies for successful use and ideas for your boards.

Simple Strategies for Getting Lots of Followers - FAST

  • How to get your page in front of thousands of prime customers for FREE.
  • My simple 3 step system for turning your influence into income.
  • How to leverage your competition's page.

The Secret to Amplifying Your Results

  • Learn how to track your pins and quickly create a strategy to increase your sales.
  • A system for collecting information that you can use to better shape and grow your business.
  • Tutorials on FREE TOOLS to track your traffic & results.
To go along with your video training, you will also receive access to a PDF workbook filled with printable worksheets full of note-taking slides, frameworks and exercises to get your creative juices flowing.

    You will also get all these free bonuses

  • Workbook

    PDF Downloadable Workbook with frameworks, exercises, note-taking slides and more!

  • Lifetime Access

    Unlimited lifetime access so that you can go at your own pace and access the material wherever and whenever you want.

  • Free Updates

    Free Updates. Whenever Pinterest makes a major change to their platform that will affect the way that you should be using it, the course will be updated and you will be sent an email with a link to the new content. Just a simple way we can provide you with some peace of mind so that you don't have to worry about keeping up with it all yourself.

“The Power of Pinning training was vital to my understanding the “ins & outs” of Pinterest. The short videos presented the information in such simple steps I was able to implement the tips right away for instant results. Pinterest is now the #2 traffic referral source to my website, bringing literally thousands of new visitors since I starting pinning just a few months ago.”

-Melissa Drake Owner of HappyGoLicky Custom Silver Jewelry

“By applying Melanie’s advice, I've been able to create an inspiring destination with my Pinterest boards, a place to share & connect with my customers. I started the course with 60 followers on Pinterest and I now have a great tribe of more than 2000 followers (and counting) who share my content & spread the word for me. Not only am I getting an amazing load of inspiration and keeping an eye on the latest trends, Pinterest is now the #1 source of traffic for my online boutique.”

-Stephanie Hebert Owner of Baba Souk online boutique

So I know what you may be thinking...

Well let's be honest, you can probably find any information that you want to online, but it doesn't mean that it's going to be easy and it's definitely not always true or from a trusted source. In fact, there is a lot of completely false information circulating out their about how you should be using Pinterest for your business.
Let me ask you this: how valuable is your time? This course can easily save you weeks (if not months) of time researching and learning how to use Pinterest for business - not to mention a lot of missed revenue. For many business owners, just 1 sale from Pinterest will more than cover the cost of the course.
It will only take you a few hours to get started and you can applying some of the strategies to your account immediately. Many of my students who complete the training begin to see an increase in traffic and followers in less than a week. Some even see sales in the first 24 hours!
Absolutely. In fact, not only do I personally use it to sell my services online I have taught thousands of other service providers how to do it as well. Many of them write me with glee when their clients tell them that they found them on Pinterest!
If you are concerned about lacking tech skills, don't be. This is NOT complicated. Pinterest is very user friendly and this course was created to walk you through the most basic beginner steps to more advanced strategies. Just go at your own pace.

“When I started the Power of Pinning my life on Pinterest changed dramatically. As of this posting I have gained almost 2,000 followers in 6 months. I have a pin that has been pinned over 600 times and many more several hundred. My website's highest traffic according to Google Analytics comes from Pinterest. A huge majority of my Opt-in traffic comes from Pinterest and it is all because of what I learned in the training.”

-Heather Santo Fitness trainer, Santo Fit Life

“Since I started implementing some of the things I learned traffic to my site from Pinterest has almost doubled! My most successful pin is all thanks for Melanie's suggestion of creating "tall pins".”

-Lynn Caputo Dear LC | Invitations + Paper

What Other Expert's in The Industry Have to Say...

60 Day No Questions Asked

You have to take enough risks in life, this course shouldn't be one of them. Try out the training for 60 days on me and if you aren't happy just send me an email and I'll refund your entire purchase - no questions asked.

Consider These 5 Facts Once More

  • 5

    Your customers are on Pinterest spending their money.

  • 4

    You don't need to be tech savvy to be using this new platform.

  • 3

    I will teach you strategies that no one else is using in your industry.

  • 2

    You could start seeing an increase in traffic and sales from Pinterest in less than a week.

  • 1

    I'm offering you a shortcut so that you can save a ton of time and get straight to the results.

Stop wasting your time.

Start getting traffic and sales from Pinterest today

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The Power of Pinning is a digital product. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the members-only area with the course content.

“I learned significantly more than I had anticipated and felt at the end that I was now equipped to make Pinterest a significant aspect of my business. Pinterest is now responsible for 25% of my website traffic, literally I am getting constant pins and re-pins with the majority coming from my "Targeted" retail audience. Sales are up a strong 20-30% in the last 6 months.

-Jack Wright Woofwerks